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How Does WGits Work with Completed vs Submitted Orders?

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WGits for Quickbooks requires your order in your ecommerce system to be marked as Completed with the payment captured. If the order status is not Completed and is only authorized, it will not batch into Quickbooks because you have not actually collected the funds yet.

Completed vs Submitted

If you are pre-authorizing credit cards and not capturing payment up front then you will need to wait until you have captured the payment to be able to submit it and batch it into Quickbooks. This makes sense because you haven’t actually captured payment until you have completed the order. Now keep in mind, WGits Experts are not lawyers and we don’t claim to know everything from a legal basis so if you are concerned about a process you are currently using, it’s best for you to consult your own legal team.

If you are using Quickbooks to track your inventory as well, this also makes sense because (according to what we’ve heard) you legally shouldn’t be capturing payment on something you haven’t shipped. So when you ship it, that is when you charge it. That process then helps keep Quickbooks accurate because a completed order will then batch into Quickbooks and will help you decrement your inventory in Quickbooks at that time. This helps keep your inventory accurate and pulled out of the Quickbooks system at the time you have charged the customer.

What is overly common these days is a winery will capture the money up front and will ship it as soon as they can afterwards. It’s these completed orders that will pull into Quickbooks and will decrement your inventory, even if the inventory hasn’t actually shipped out yet. This could cause some inventory reconciliation issues which is why pre-authorizing cards and only capturing once you have shipped them, results in the most accurate records. Most ecommerce systems have this process setup in a very easy and automated way so it shouldn’t be a headache when dealing with pre-authorizing cards.

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