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How Does WGits Work if I Manage Multiple Wineries?

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For those that manage multiple wine brands or if you are an accountant for multiple wineries you can use WGits Pro for Quickbooks which allows you to connect and automatically batch to up to 5 different wineries and company files.

The setup is similar to the standard edition of WGits for Quickbooks where your software is connected to your eCommerce platform and mapped to your Quickbooks company file. With WGits Pro for Quickbooks you can jump between multiple Profiles, each one being connected to a different winery, similar to how you login to different company files on Quickbooks.

The auto batcher pulls all the data over from your eCommerce platform over to Quickbooks for all of your company files either on a scheduled basis or on demand.

If your multiple wineries use different eCommerce platforms, we have good news. WGits Pro for Quickbooks allows you to have multiple Profiles with any of the supported Platforms on WGits.

Multiple Profile Selection on WGits QB