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How Do I Use WGits for QuickBooks Online?

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WGits for QuickBooks Online will automatically migrate your sales from Commerce7 to your QuickBooks Online platform.

To get to the WGits QBO App in Commerce7, go to Store > WGits QB

WGits QBO menu

The first thing you’ll see is the WGits QB Dashboard. This is where you will be able to see any orders that are needing attention.

Dashboard Screen of WGits QBO

If orders are in here that need attention, you’ll be able to see the Error Message to explain what’s wrong with the order. To learn more about how to handle the possible Error Messages click here.

You’ll be able to “Edit” the orders in this dashboard if you need to adjust one of the SKUs.

WGits QBO Edit Order

Once you’ve made and saved your changes, click on the “Process Selected” button.

The Mappers section contains C7 Maps and SKU Maps.

C7 Maps:

QBO C7 Tags

You can add, edit and remove C7 Tags. These Order Tags will allow you to control and customize the Customer Name and Order Class field.

SKU Map:


Here you can add SKU Mapping which will allow you to point your Commerce7 SKU to your QuickBooks Online SKU.

The Bottle Size field is only used if you track your quantities by 9L case rather than by the bottle.

Next, you’ll find Settings > WGITS Settings:

A view of the WGits QBO advanced settings

Here you’ll see a Customer Name Toggle. This will allow you to toggle if you want all sales to go to just one single Customer in QBO, or if you wish to use the first name and last name of your customers as they appear in Commerce7.

The following fields are designed to control how your non product line items, such as taxes, shipping and tips, appear and get mapped in QuickBooks Online.

Sales Tax: Maps all sales to just one single Sales Tax item. This allows you to accurately track Tax revenue collected in Commerce7.

Shipping: The item name you wish to use for your Shipping revenue in QBO.

For any other questions please feel free to contact us at wgits@wineglassmarketing.com