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WGits for QuickBooks

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What is WGits for QuickBooks Desktop?

WGits for QuickBooks is software that integrates with your eCommerce platform to send data directly into your QuickBooks desktop application. No more manually downloading reports and updating your Company File by hand.  The winery or business can be on any of the platforms supported by WGits for QuickBooks Desktop.

WGits for QuickBooks Online

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What is WGits for QuickBooks Online?

WGits for QuickBooks Online is an app that automatically sends data directly into your QuickBooks Online system. No more manually downloading reports and updating your QuickBooks Online revenue by hand. No Software downloads will be required, this app is entirely cloud-based and accessible from anywhere you have internet.

Save Time and Money

Automatically send your orders into QuickBooks. Save hours each month with WGits.

Increase Accuracy

Accounting numbers can’t be wrong. WGits will send your data into QuickBooks with accuracy.

Wineries Love WGits

Accountants and Bookkeepers across the wine industry enjoy the ease of use and automations of WGits. Join the 120+ wineries using WGits QB.

Features for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

  • Automatically transfers orders and refunds from your eCommerce Platform to QuickBooks
  • Map sales to one generic QuickBooks customer or individual customers in QuickBooks
  • Maps your eCommerce Platforms’ fields like class, tax, and inventory to QuickBooks
  • Map eCommerce SKUs to QB SKUs with our SKU Mapper
  • Customer Support (Phone, Email, Screenshare, Chat)
  • A “Need Review” Dashboard for SKU Mapping issues
  • Supports Split Tender Payments

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Real Results

Before WGits QB, the process of getting data from our POS platform to Quick Books was a painful process.  The software we used was cumbersome and archaic (even though it is commonly used in the industry).  Anytime Wine Direct needed to make even a slight change to their code, there would always be changes that we would need to make on our end or the import wouldn’t work.  Unfortunately, though, we typically were not aware of the changes that WD was making ahead of time.  So, as you might imagine, this created significant issues.

Once we decided to migrate to WGits, the onboarding process was painless.  We scheduled a set-up appointment, and we were up and running in less than an hour.  We now spend 1/3 as much time importing data from our POS to Quick Books.  More importantly, now the data migration “just happens”.  The entire process is no longer a source of constant frustration and requires minimal time to manage.

WGits has a lot of great functionality, but the stand out feature (in my opinion) is the customer service that Wine Glass Marketing provides.  I’m a fairly tech savvy person and can figure most issues out on my own, but when I do have a problem, the ability to get a live person on the phone who knows the WGits tool “inside & out” is priceless.

– Bill Maier, Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Boathouse Vineyards

Broadley Vineyards

Doce Robles Winery

Gracianna Winery