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How Do I Easily Transfer Inventory with QuickBooks?

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This article is specifically for those using the WineDirect platform with WGits QB, we will provide more information on alternative methods if you use other platforms with WGits QB. This article also only applies if you have QuickBooks Enterprise with the advanced Inventory module.

Step 1:

Place an order in WineDirect, choosing which inventory pool to pull quantities from. We recommend using a custom order type such as “Inventory Adjustment” (please note that a corresponding Class will need to be setup in WGits QB Class Mapper and in your QuickBooks Classes). We also recommend using a 100% off promo such as an Inventory Adjustment Promo applied to a specific Inventory Adjustment customer. This action of placing the order is equivalent to pull inventory out of the pool you need to remove quantities from.

Step 2:

Refund this order in WineDirect, this time choosing the inventory you wish to migrate the quantities to. Please Note: Pressing the “Refund All” button does not allow you to select the proper inventory pool. We also recommend that the inventory pool selected for each SKU is the same inventory pool for all SKUs. Ie., don’t refund SKU A to Inventory Pool A, while SKU B is refunded to Inventory Pool B in the same order.
This action of refunding the order is equivalent to send inventory into the pool you wish to move inventory to.


In QuickBooks you will have an order pull inventory out of the corresponding inventory site and the refund order will put inventory into the different corresponding inventory site.

This is likely a different process from what you are used to and it’s definitely a different way of handling inventory, however it is the only way right now to make inventory adjustments in QuickBooks as automated as possible.