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How Do I Reconcile Multiple Payment Methods?

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In your ecommerce system you are likely able to split transactions with different payment methods. WGits for QB supports this by recording the payment method as “Multiple” by default or you can use a custom named payment method of your own choosing. How do you reconcile the orders that have been recorded with a split tender? Since Quickbooks doesn’t allow you to have multiple payment methods on a single order, we had to come up with the next best thing.

Accessing the Right Reports

First of all how do you access the right report in Quickbooks to reconcile your split payment orders easiest? Follow these steps:

  1. In Quickbooks go to Reports
  2. Click on Report Center
  3. Search the words: Transaction List by Datehow to obtain the easiest report for split payment reconciliation.
  4. Run the report
  5. Once in the report click on the “Customize Report” buttonHow to customize a quickbooks report
  6. Now from here we need to add the “Payment Method” column, but its abbreviated to be “Pay Meth”how to customize a report in QB
  7. Once you have added the Payment Method to the report you can filter by the Payment MethodsCustom report in Quickbooks
  8. Now compare the amounts of each of these orders with the amounts of the transactions of your ecommerce system.

Example: Order 1391 was a total of $247.76.In the ecommerce system Order 1391 was split $100 to one credit card and $147.76 to a second credit card.You have now confirmed that the amount was balanced and was fully attributed to credit card payments.
This also works for mixed cash and credit card payments.Once that is reconciled, your ecommerce system reporting should be able to show you your sales based on the unique payment methods, even with split tenders on a single order.

Unfortunately because Quickbooks doesn’t let us apply two different payments to a single order number it causes things to appear confusing and since we don’t want two orders with the same order number in the system because it can look like duplicate data, we’re forced to come up with the best alternative to an unfortunate situation.

In the Make Deposits window, pull up the orders that are Split Orders. Once you have confirmed which orders are split tenders in your eCommerce system and have confirmed how much is cash. Record an addition entry in the deposit window with a subtraction of that cash amount.

Then in a new deposit, record that cash amount as a positive.