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How Do I Reconcile Inventory?

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When an order gets batched into Quickbooks through our software, you will be able to see the inventory quantity pulled out of your Quickbooks system. We’re going to show you some best practices to follow to ensure that your inventory be reconciled properly.

Pre-Authorizations for Reconciliation

We recommend pre-authorizing your customer’s credit cards because there are times when you need to ship at a later time, either due to weather holds or product futures. In those cases, yes it stinks that you don’t collect the payment until the product ships, but it will at least keep your inventory accurate in Quickbooks.

Pre-authorized or submitted orders in your ecommerce system do not pull through in a batch to Quickbooks with WGits for QB. This means that anything that you haven’t actually charged for will not appear in Quickbooks. This also means that orders you haven’t actually shipped will not appear as decremented in Quickbooks either.

The alternative that many are used to is to capture payment instantly upon transaction completion. We aren’t here to tell you to stop doing that, but if you are trying to reconcile your inventory and you see an issue where the numbers just don’t jive, capturing the payment up front and not shipping it until a few days later is likely your issue.

image of an inventory report in Quickbooks