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Error Message List

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Below is a list of common error messages that can appear in the Need Review Screen on WGits QB along with some helpful explanations:

The item ______ cannot be used in this line item. It does not have the correct type.
This means the SKU referenced in this error message is not pointing to the correct QuickBooks Item type. Ways this can happen:

A Bundle SKU in your eCommerce system is trying to map to an Inventory Part Item in QuickBooks.
A non-Bundle SKU in your eCommerce system is trying to map to a Group Item in QuickBooks.
A Bundle SKU in your eCommerce system is trying to map to a Service or Other Charge Item in QuickBooks.
A non-Bundle SKU in your eCommerce system is trying to map to a Service or Other Charge Item in QuickBooks.
Point the appropriate Item types to the appropriate corresponding item types in QuickBooks.
I.e., Bundle SKUs need to point to Group Items.
Non-Bundle SKUs need to point to Inventory Parts or Inventory Assemblies.

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item _______ in the Sales Receipt Line. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.
This means the SKU referenced in this error message is trying to point to an Item in QuickBooks that does not exist yet.
You need to create the item in QuickBooks or use the WGits QB SKU Map to point to an existing Item name in QuickBooks.


Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal.
This issue occurs if the order was placed incorrectly with incalculable values. We’ve seen this if an order was placed in your eCommerce system with a SKU but with a quantity of zero. This is a rare issue and shouldn’t be common for you as an order can only be placed that way if the order was imported through an API.
It probably shouldn’t be imported to QuickBooks anyways in this format. You may need to contact your eCommerce System support team to fix the order. Once that order is fixed, then we can import it properly.


This Order Number Already Exists in QuickBooks
This usually happens if an order has already been imported before and was re-attempted again due to using the Batch By Date Feature.
Reject the order as it is not needed.


An attempt was made to modify a SalesReceipt with a date that is on or before the closing date of the company. If you are sure you really want to do this, please ask a user with Admin privileges to remove the password for editing transactions on or before to closing date (this setting is in the Accounting Company Preferences), then try again.

This mouthful of a message just means that you are trying to batch this order which was placed during a date range that has now been closed in your Company file.
Reopen the closed date range that you’ve set and then import your orders. Or if you have already reconciled these missing orders, values and inventory then you could reject this order.


There was an error when saving a SalesReceipt. QuickBooks error message: You have no items or one or more of your amounts is not associated with an item. Please enter an item.

This error message appears usually only when an order has been added to the DTC Platform via an API or an integration in an incorrect or improper way. The order contains a blank SKU line and a zero quantity and WGits QB flags these orders. This is different from a shipping only order. This is an order that has a SKU line item added but the SKU is null or missing.
The order is likely not valid in your DTC Platform so you should reject this order in WGits QB and in your DTC Platform, you should take steps to remove or invalidate the order.


There was an error when saving a SalesReceipt. QuickBooks error message: Transaction amount must be positive.

  1. Most commonly this can occur if a Group in QuickBooks is set up incorrectly. A Group should be set up with an Inventory Assembly. If a Group is set up to only have sub-items added and their collective value is incorrect, too low or $0.00. Then if a Bundle Discount trying to apply it will be pulling the Bundle Discount from the eCommerce platform, but then is pulling the Group’s collective price from QuickBooks, resulting in the end price being negative.
  2. The second way that this message could occur is if an order is placed with a negative dollar amount. This is sometimes done for recording cash withdrawals from a POS drawer. It’s not a best practice or recommended as QuickBooks cannot assign a negative dollar amount to a Sales Receipt.


  1. Ensure Bundles are set up this way: Group in QuickBooks must only contain an Inventory Assembly representing the proper price and products.
  2. Or don’t place orders that have a negative total. Negative totals should only be on refunds.


Value cannot be null.

This can happen with test order transfers or other kinds of order batches. If the Make Deposits window is open in QuickBooks when processing a batch, this can cause data to not flow into QuickBooks properly.

Solution: Don’t have the Make Deposits windows open in QuickBooks when attempting to process a batch or test orders.


HTTP protocol error. 517 Server Error. (Error: FFFFFFFC – HTTP protocol error. Busy interacting with QuickBooks.).

There are several different types of HTTP protocol error messages. This one means that at the time of the batch there may have been too many things going on with the QuickBooks correspondence for the batch to be successful. This should be a rare issue.
Ensure your connection to QuickBooks is working with Remote Connector and re-attempt pushing this order through to QuickBooks.


HTTP protocol error. 517 Server Error. (Error: FFFFFFFC – HTTP protocol error. Could not start QuickBooks.).

This happens when Remote Connector is unsure of what company file to access or if the company file hasn’t been mapped to yet.
Ensure Remote Connector knows which company file to point to. Usually, this requires assistance from support. Please call 707-927-3334 or email wgits@wineglassmarketing.com for assistance.


HTTP protocol error. 517 Server Error. (Error: FFFFFFFC – Connection failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it*). *note this IP address could be different for you.

This can happen if QuickBooks is in an error state or if there is a report open in QuickBooks when a batch attempt is made.
Ensure that all reports are closed for all users and ensure that QuickBooks has not experienced an error and is displaying an error message attempting to terminate the active QuickBooks program.


[HTTP protocol error. 517 Server Error. (Error: FFFFFFFC – Timeout.).

A timeout means QuickBooks took too long to respond when we attempted to connect to the company file. This could be due to internet speed issues, server speed issues or connection issues of another sort.
Ensure all reports are closed for all users. Ensure that connection to the company file is accessible if using a shared folder or networked folder. Re-attempt the batch and see if the batch is successful as this may have been a one-time issue.


[HTTP protocol error. 517 Server Error. (Error: FFFFFFFC – HTTP protocol error. Unable to find the QuickBooks Request Processor on your system. Please make sure your application is running a 32-bit process and that QuickBooks 2002 Pro or higher is installed on your system, or use the Remote Connector. (Error: 0x80040430)..).

This most commonly happens if the Remote Connector Service program or Quickbooks QBW32.exe is running more than once in the Task Manager.
Go into Task Manager > go to Details tab > and end tasks for duplicate tasks of RemoteConnectorService.exe and QBW32.exe (this has a higher likelihood of happening on a server)


If any of your batching issues persist please do not hesitate to reach out to wgits@wineglassmarketing.com or call 707-927-3334 and ask for WGits Support.

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