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How Do I Track Multiple Inventory Pools In QuickBooks?

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If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise and using the Multiple Inventory Sites feature, WGits QB is able to support your needs.

If your eCommerce Platform supports multiple inventory pools or buckets, then you will have the capability of mapping the quantities sold to those pools over to the appropriate Inventory Sites in QuickBooks.

Multiple Inventory Sites is a QuickBooks feature that only exists on the QuickBooks Enterprise edition.

To setup your mapping use the Inventory Mapper tool in WGits for QuickBooks. See the below example of how to set this up.

WGits for QuickBooks Inventory Mapping Comparison with QuickBooks Inventory Sites

Source Inventory Site:
The name of the inventory pool or bucket from your eCommerce Platform.
QB Inventory Site: The name of the inventory site in QuickBooks.

Once you have filled in the source inventory site and the QB inventory site fields, press the plus “+” symbol.

The inventory sites need to be named a special way depending on your platform. For example with WineDirect you can use the name of the inventory pool, but for Commerce7 you need to use the special ID code assigned to your inventory locations.

If you are with Commerce7, go to Settings > Locations > click on an inventory location > up at the top you will see a string of text. This is the ID. Copy and Paste it into the WGits QB Inventory Site Mapping tool.

Description of how to access Inventory ID code in Commerce7

In eCELLAR, the various Inventory Locations can be mapped to your QB Inventory Sites. In WGits QB go to Setup > Inventory Mapper > add the Inventory Location names and map them to your QB Inventory Sites.

Note: For any SKUs that need to record the inventory location properly, you must add an Inventory SKU for those items. Without an Inventory SKU, the product will appear as if it’s been sold through an “Unspecified Site”.

We’ll help you set this up if you need any assistance at all.

Email us or call us at wgits@wineglassmarketing.com or 707-927-3334