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How Does this MailChimp Integration Work?

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The MailChimp integration is a direct pull of customer information from your ecommerce platform. The intention of the system is to make your customer data synchronous with your ecommerce records in the effort to make your mailing lists segmented in a manageable way in MailChimp.

The integration works at a number of levels: Pulling Customer Data to MailChimp, Updating Customer Data in your ecommerce platform, recording transactional emails. You can see behavioral data on how the recipient responds on a landing page, your website, or on Social Media channels like Facebook and Instagram. WGits M puts all the data together for you to allow for smarter lists and audiences for your email communications.

Pulling Customer Data

What Groups or Contact Types does your customer belong in? That can segment to the appropriate segments in MailChimp in your main mailing list. From the mail you send via MailChimp to your customers, you can have that data recorded and passed down to your ecommerce platform.

Updating Customer Data

When a customer’s personal information changes in either your DTC Platform or your MailChimp system, that data will sync through both systems.

Recording Transactional Data

The transactional data of when customers purchase in your ecommerce system will be synced with your customer in MailChimp.

Display of MailChimp Integration

See their total revenue spend, click rate and open rate all in one spot. Again, this data syncs with your ecommerce system.