WGits for QuickBooks Online (Commerce7)


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Purchase the one-time setup fee from our website here, then go to your Commerce7 app store and sign up for the app. You’ll then be charged the $109.99 monthly subscription fee by Commerce7 on your monthly billing.

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See how our accounting integrations for QuickBooks Online will seamlessly save you time and lower stress.

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WGits for QuickBooks Online is an app that automatically sends data directly into your QuickBooks Online system. No more manually downloading reports and updating your QuickBooks Online revenue by hand. No Software downloads will be required, this app is entirely cloud-based and lives within your Commerce7 platform.



  • Automatically sends individual orders and refunds to QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Order and Refund numbers that are sent to QBO match order numbers in Commerce7
  • Revenue in C7 matches revenue in QBO
  • Transaction dates in C7 match dates in QBO
  • Orders and refunds are added to QBO throughout the day
  • A “Need Review” Dashboard for SKU Mapping issues
  • Map C7 SKUs to QBO SKUs with our SKU Mapper
  • Use C7 Order Tags to Map unique QBO Customers and Classes
  • Map sales to one generic QBO customer or to individual customer names in QBO


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