BIMI Setup Package

BIMI Setup Package


BIMI is short for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. This means that when your consumer sees your email in their inbox, instead of a generic circle with initials identifying you, your logo or a rendition of your logo will be displayed instead. In 2022, brands like Nike and Apple saw an increase in open rates by 21%.

This package is for those who already have SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup. If you don’t know if you have those setup, please check with the appropriate members of your team. If you do not already have SPF, DKIM or DMARC already setup or if you only have some of these pieces setup, then you’ll want to purchase this bundled Email Deliverability service instead.


  • Set up your email system to have BIMI operational
  • Adapt your logo (if needed) so that it displays for BIMI correctly
  • Update your DNS settings to recognize your BIMI setup is recognized by email providers such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and more.

By purchasing this package you are confirming that you have access to the DNS and approve temporary access. WGM can not guarantee long-term or infinite deliverability as a result of these actions as email rules change and others have access to the DNS.

NOTE: In order to have BIMI features work for Google mailboxes, Google requires you to have a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) which can be obtained by a third party such as DigiCert or Entrust. These Certificates are based on either a 1,2 or 3 year renewal basis. In order to get a VMC, it is required that your Logo is trademarked. We can install the VMC for you as part of this package if you choose to do this. This is not a requirement for us to setup your BIMI services and without a VMC you will still have your logo show up for Apple Mail, Yahoo, Netscape, La Poste and others. It’s important to recognize that at some point in the future, VMC’s may become a requirement universally.