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How Does this QuickBooks Online Integration Work?

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This integration allows you to automatically send orders from your eCommerce platform to QuickBooks Online.

When you get to the login screen, you’ll be able to login to the WGits for QuickBooks Online application with the username and password provided to you once you Sign up for WGits for QuickBooks Online.

Login screen of WGits QBO

When you first login, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard section, where you can see any orders that need your attention. If there are not orders in this area, they have been successfully sent to QuickBooks Online. If there are orders in this area, use the Error Message to help you determine how to resolve the problem. A current list of errors that can occur can be found here.

Dashboard screen

When you press “Edit” you’ll be able to adjust basic SKU information of the order.

Editing order screen

When you move over to the Mappers menu screen and edit your SKU Mapper screen, you’ll have the ability to control which eCommerce SKUs can be mapped to which QuickBooks Online SKUs.

SKU Mapping screen

When you head to the Settings > WGits Settings screen, you’ll be able to setup the appropriate specialty item types.

The WGits QBO Settings screen

To Connect WGits to the QBO application, go to Settings > QBO Connection. It will then open a new browser tab and will ask you to login to your QuickBooks Online account. Select your company file and then this will connect the app to your QuickBooks Online account.

Connect to QuickBooks Online Screen


WGits QBO Screen to select your company file

If your browser has cross-site tracking disabled (Edge, Safari, and Firefox usually do by default), you’ll need to enable it to ensure that this connection is successful. The cross-site tracking is required so that WGits can recognize the connection to QBO.