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If the domain name for your website is not secure then today’s modern browsers are going to throw up a security error. Purchasing a secure certificate (SSL) from your hosting provider will prevent this error, but what if you change domains, or have more than one domain pointing to your website? In the past, you would just set up a domain redirect and point the old or extra domain to the home page of the new domain or to some other page on the new domains website. This worked great until browsers started throwing up security errors for redirects as well. In order to keep costs down, we now offer a service for secure redirects. Here is an example:

Great Wines Winery has many brands. They have decided to release a new brand called Super Terrific Merlot and they have purchased the domain name They already have the domain and they don’t want to build a new site. They want to market the domain but want it to redirect to

If you have an IT team and they are hosting your website on their own internal server they could set up a secure redirect for you. They would need to buy an SSL certificate for you or use a free service SSL service that requires an update every 90 days.

Another option would be to buy another hosting plan from your hosting provider, purchase an SSL certificate, and then redirect the website via javascript.

Both of these solutions are time-consuming and costly.  So we are offering our own solution and here is how it works.

  1. Buy a secure redirect from us for up to 5 domains
  2. Someone on our team will reach out to you within 1 business day.
  3. Provide us with the domain name you want to redirect and where you want to redirect it to…
  4. Gives us access to your DNS or we can provide directions to change your own DNS
  5. Your done!

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