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Why annually maintain your CCPA Compliance?

The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) was introduced to the law for 2020 and affects every company in the world that collects personal data (e.g. an email address) of a California resident. One of the requirements of the law is that you confirm that you are still CCPA Compliant each year in specific ways. This service is designed for those who have purchased the CCPA Package already and wish to prove that you are Compliant.

Will CCPA apply to my business?

It will anytime a resident of California places an order or is subscribed on a mailing list and your business exceeds at least one of the three thresholds:

  • Annual gross revenues of at least $25 million
  • Obtains personal information of at least 50,000 California residents, households, and/or devices per year
  • At least 50% of your annual revenue is generated from the sales of California residents’ personal information

Why should I be CCPA compliant?

Most importantly, it benefits your customer’s privacy rights.

Secondly, the Attorney General can initiate a civil case against you or your company if you remain non-compliant after 30 days upon being notified about a violation on your website. This brings a risk of being fined up to $7500 per violation, per visitor (If you have 100 website visitors that would be over $750,000 in fines. This would be higher if your consumer visits more than once.)

What can you do to ensure I’m still CCPA Compliant?

Our turnkey renewal package will do everything for a one-time fee of $199 including:

  • Provide an updated Data Map of Information your website collects, where it is held, how it’s transferred and with whom it is shared
  • Update your Privacy Policy to ensure that you are still CCPA Compliant
  • Ensure identity verification of the person making a request to access or have their data deleted is still available
  • Turnaround time is quick and convenient

While we are not law experts and cannot guarantee that someone still won’t attempt to sue you, this package helps you to abide by the new CCPA laws that are clearly laid out by the Government.

When you purchase this renewal package, a member of our team will follow up with you very soon to ensure your website is still CCPA compliant. Please note that this requires an annual checkup to keep your Privacy Policy and Data Map up to date with proof that it is updated each year. Before you purchase this renewal service, you need to have purchased the CCPA Package first.

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