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WGits Pro for QuickBooks (WineDirect)

From: $175.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee



What is WGits Pro for QuickBooks?

WGits Pro for QuickBooks is a software that uses WineDirect’s advanced API to pull data directly from your WineDirect account into your QuickBooks desktop application. No more manually downloading reports and using Transaction Pro Importer™ (TPI) each time you want to upload WineDirect transactions. The Pro version of our software is perfect for accountants and or wineries that have multiple brands and company files. WGits Pro for QuickBooks will support up to 5 different wineries on one install (either on a desktop computer or server).  Those 5 wineries can be on any of the platforms supported by WGits Pro for QuickBooks.

Download Sell Sheet (.pdf)

Transaction Pro Importer Features vs WGits Pro for QuickBooks Features

Supports up to 5 QuickBooks company files in one install
Automatically transfers transactions from WineDirect to QuickBooks
Can handle returns
Can handle split payments
Ability to pre-schedule upload frequency
Customer Support
SKU Assist (autochecks SKU sync)
Comes with installation and set up by WineGlass Marketing
Maps WineDirect fields like class, tax, and inventory to QuickBooks
Manually transfers transactions from WineDirect to QuickBooks

Stress-Free Order Management

  • WGits Pro for QuickBooks is set up once, and then every night, week, or month (your choice) it automatically uploads all new orders.
  • Orders that have issues are sent back to you in a report so you can research and deal with them when you have time.
  • WGits Pro for QuickBooks has SKU Assist synchronization that will automatically check that SKUs are matching in both systems.
  • WGits Pro for QuickBooks does not rely on WineDirect’s reports. Now, any updates pushed from WineDirect won’t affect your ability to transfer orders to QuickBooks.

We’ve Got You Covered

  • No hassle setup: WineGlass Marketing handles the complete setup and guarantees it will work before we say “it’s done”.
  • Unlimited support: Unlike TPI that has no support, WGits Pro for QuickBooks comes with complete phone, email, and chat support by WineGlass Marketing.
  • We service the software and ensure it is up-to-date and working with WineDirect.

WGits Pro for QB Will Save You Money

TPI requires you to manually run and download reports, fix errors on the spot, and then upload them to QuickBooks. This can take between 2-8 hours a month per company file! WGits QB does all this behind the scenes to free up your bookkeeper or accounting team to focus on more important tasks. WGits for QuickBooks is offered at a low cost, predictable, monthly fee with no hidden costs for support.


  • Import orders and refunds from WineDirect into your desktop QuickBooks file.
  • Set up once and your WineDirect orders will automatically import into QuickBooks on a schedule you set (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Connect to up to 5 different Admin Panel instances and automatically run scheduled batches for to up to 5 different QuickBooks company files.
  • Import completed orders as well as refunds.
  • The application will import all orders and credits and put those that have been rejected by QuickBooks into a queue where they can be corrected and retried for import.
  • Setup includes a remote technician setting up the WineDirect API, the Remote Connector for QuickBooks and WGits Pro for QuickBooks.
  • Automatic updates as we improve the software.
  • 15-day no obligation trial (you may cancel within the first 15 days with no penalty).