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Universal WordPress Templates

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$349 auto renewed annually for template with instructions to set up the theme yourself.

$50 for WGM to set up and connect to Commerce7, WineDirect or Complete DTC by Vinoshipper for you.

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Choose from our list of universal templates to bring your website into the 21st century, while never needing to completely redo your site in the future, regardless of which winery eCommerce platform you use. Click below on each template to see a live preview of each site.

icon for austin template showing website template and style of page
icon for windsor template showing website template and style of page
icon for vanessa template showing website template and style of page


Add a support plan or premium support plan with hosting.

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If you want help to build your site, call us at 707-927-3334 or let us know.


You’ll never need to recreate your website from scratch again.

Switching eCommerce platforms usually means creating a brand-new website which often results in complications, confusion for your customers, and a jarring user experience on your website. In addition to all of this, a website redesign comes at great cost.

Now if you need to switch from one winery eCommerce platform to another, our Universal WordPress templates lets you change stores quickly and easily with the flip of a switch.

Our templates give you elegant control, practical functionality, and keep your brand looking fresh and unique. Take the reins and have control over your websites colors, fonts and styles.

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