Google Analytics 4 Setup

Google Analytics stopped working on 7.1.23.

“All standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new [data] on July 1, 2023… After that, you’ll [only] be able to access your previously processed data in Universal Analytics for at least six months. Make the move over to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible to build the necessary historical data before Universal Analytics stops processing new [data]…” 

It is imperative that you understand this change has happened and that you take action as soon as you can. We greatly value your website data, and you should too.  

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What We’ll Do For You

  • Acquiring Administrative Access to your Google Analytics account (we will create one if needed)
  • Acquiring access and permission to Publish in your Google Tag Manager account (we will create one if needed)
  • Creating a GA4 Property
  • Establishing a link connection between your existing Google Analytics property to your new GA4 property
  • Creating and troubleshooting several event tags within Google Tag Manager to capture ecommerce data
  • Creating custom dimensions within your GA4 account to properly report ecommerce data
  • Creating three custom reports to monitor, orders, campaign performance, and product performance
  • Continuously monitoring this process as it takes around 72 hours to take effect