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[sta_anchor id=”faq-qb” unsan=”FAQ-QB” /]WGITS QB FAQ:

1). Do I need to manually map all of the data by hand?
No. Just answer 10 questions that we ask you, give us remote access to the computer that will be running Quickbooks and we’ll get it setup for you in minutes!

2). What if there is a reconciliation issue or something wrong with the results in the report?
Simply contact us at support@wineglassmarketing.com or chat with us here.

3). What are the system requirements to run Quickbooks and to run the Quickbooks Integration?
We will need the following requirements setup in order to help you run this Quickbooks Integration:
* API Access from WineDirect
* Internet Access
* Windows 7 or better
* Any current desktop version of Quickbooks
* Remote Connector for Quickbooks (free)

4). Why should I use the Quickbooks tool?
Our Quickbooks WGIT makes importing your transactions from WineDirect into Quickbooks simple and painless. We use WineDirect’s advanced API to pull data directly from your WineDirect instance right into your Quickbooks desktop application. No more manually downloading reports each time you want to upload you latest WineDirect transactions. We provide you with powerful tools to correct any transactions that are rejected by Quickbooks without blocking the good transactions from being imported.

5). What are some features that the Quickbooks tool provides?
* Import orders and refunds from WineDirect into your desktop QuickBooks file.
* Set up once and your WineDirect orders will automatically import into QuickBooks on a schedule you set (daily, weekly, or monthly).
* Imports completed orders as well as refunds
* The application will import all orders and credits and put those that have been rejected by QuickBooks into a queue where they can be corrected and retired for import.
* Setup includes a remote technician setting up the WineDirect API, the Remote Connector for QuickBooks and the Automated Transaction Processing Integration with Quickbooks
* Updates as we improve the software
* 15-day money back guarantee

6). How much does the Quickbooks Integration tool cost?The prices are from $99.99 / month and comes with a one-time $499.00 setup fee.

7). Do I need Transaction Pro Importer?
No. You will no longer need the Transaction Importer Tool.

8). Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes you can cancel at anytime, but the setup fee is non-refundable.

[sta_anchor id=”faq-mail” unsan=”FAQ-mail” /]WGITS Mail FAQ:

1). What features come with the WGIT Mail Integration?
This tool will look at the data in Commerce7 and the information in MailChimp and will map data across both systems synchronously. You will also have Google Analytics providing detailed information about abandoned carts, purchases, and additional analytical data into MailChimp and Commerce7 with each system complementing each other.

2). How much does this tool cost?
There is a $99 one time setup cost with a $79/month subscription.

3). What if I encounter issues or need help?
Simply contact us at support@wineglassmarketing.com or chat with us here.

[sta_anchor id=”faq-bi” unsan=”FAQ-BI” /]WGITS BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting FAQ:

1). How much does Business Intelligence Reporting cost?
There is a $999 one-time fee for setup, which includes us setting up three dashboards for you, a training session to explain how to use the tool and linking the dashboards to all your various channels and tags.

From there then you have a choice:
* $149 a month for license, hosting, maintenance/support OR
* $249 a month for a recap of the data emailed to the client with our thoughts and analysis of the data

2). What is Business Intelligence Reporting exactly and why do I want it?
It is a way for you to collect information on reports relevant to sales, the Tasting Room, Managers and Owners. There will be approximately 15 of the most useful and valuable reports to start with, with more potentially to be made later on as needed.
Some features that this tool provides:
* Pre-set # of reports
* Linked to all Social Media metrics
* Pulls Google Analytics data
* Has customer and sales data from Commerce7, WineDirect or VinSUITE
* Ability to insert your own goals
* True reports with charts and graphs (not just a dump of data)
* Can set up email delivery
* Comes with 3 custom dashboards
* Completely customizable

3). What platforms can I use Business Intelligence Reporting on?
This is primarily to be used with Commerce7, WineDirect and VinSUITE

4). Will you create custom reports?
Yes. We will be able to do this for you. Call us for a quote.

5). What if I encounter issues or need help?
Simply contact us at support@wineglassmarketing.com or chat with us here.

[sta_anchor id=”faq-template” unsan=”FAQ-Template” /]Website Templates FAQ:

1). Are my templates fully customizable?
Yes there are ways to customize your template especially if you have HTML, CSS and JS coding knowledge.

2). How many different templates can I choose from?
There are about 5 templates to choose from and more will be produced soon. See them [here](https://).

3). What platforms can I use my template on?
You can use these templates on virtually any platform; WordPress, WineDirect and VinSUITE.

4). How much does a template cost?
Template only = $149
This is a straight download, no set up is provided.

Template customization = $499
You put in all content, we offer 3 hours of customization.

Store only = $1,000
If you have an existing site or another designer doing the website and just need us to develop your store CSS.

Template Build Out = $2,500 + cost of template ($149)
This is us completely building your template from scratch, providing you the template and adding all the content and commerce tools.

Custom Site = $8,500
For a website site up to 15 pages, we custom design a website for you with all the content and copy.

Site over 15 pages or multiple store or site = call us for quote.

SEO package = call us for quote.

5). What if I have an issue with my template?
Simply contact us at support@wineglassmarketing.com or chat with us here.