ZigaForm version 4.8.0

FAQs – WGits for QB

1). Do I need to manually map all of the data by hand?

No. Just answer 10 questions, give us remote access to the computer that will be running Quickbooks® and we’ll get it setup for you!

2). What if there is a reconciliation issue or something wrong with the results in the report?

3). What are the system requirements to setup this WGits for QB Integration?

We will need the following requirements setup in order to help you run this WGits for QB Integration:
* API Access from WineDirect.
* Internet Access.
* Windows 7 or better.
* Any current desktop version of QuickBooks®.
Remote Connector for Quickbooks (free).

4). Why should I use the WGits for QB tool?

WGits for QB makes importing your transactions from WineDirect into Quickbooks® simple and painless. We use WineDirect’s advanced API to pull data directly from your WineDirect instance right into your WGits for QB desktop application. No more manually downloading reports each time you want to upload your latest WineDirect transactions. We provide you with powerful tools to correct any transactions that are rejected by Quickbooks® without blocking the good transactions from being imported.

5). What are the features of this WGits for QB tool?

* Imports orders and refunds from WineDirect into your desktop QuickBooks® file.
* After a one-time setup, your WineDirect orders will automatically import into QuickBooks® on a schedule you set (daily, weekly, or monthly).
* Imports all completed orders, credits and refunds and puts any that have been rejected by QuickBooks® into a queue where they can be corrected and re-imported.
* Setup includes a remote technician installing the WineDirect API, the Remote Connector for QuickBooks and the Automated Transaction Processing Integration with QuickBooks.
* Automatic software updates as we improve the software.
* 15-day money back guarantee.

6). How much does the WGits for QB tool cost?

WGits for QB has a monthly cost as low as $99.99 per month, and a one-time $499.00 setup fee.

7). Do I need Transaction Pro Importer?

No. You will no longer need the Transaction Pro Importer Tool.

8). Can I cancel?

They can cancel at anytime, but the set up fee is non-refundable.