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WGits M (for Commerce7)

From: $99.00 / month and a $699.00 sign-up fee


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Now your commerce7 account can connect to Mailchimp with WGits M, your campaign and sales data will automatically sync between Commerce7 and Mailchimp.

What is WGits M?

WGits M goes far beyond a simple data sync. While other integration tools offer a solution that only saves you the few seconds it takes to download a list, this tool will allow full integration between Commerce7 and Mailchimp. With WGits M you can harness the power of both systems together.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Imagine if your Commerce7 back-end had the power of Mailchimp.
  • You get to keep all the templates and ease of use you love from Mailchimp.
  • You can pull lists and target emails based on sales, customer groups, or club status found in Commerce7.
  • You can see behavioral data on how the recipient responds on a landing page, your website, or on Social Media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • WGits M puts all the data together for you to allow for smarter lists and audiences for your email communications.

Really See Your Customers

Your Commerce7 system will also be the hub of your customer data with this tool. We can transfer open and click data from Mailchimp back into your customer records, so you get a complete picture of your customers’ journey.

It’s More than Email

Mailchimp also allows you to target ads in Facebook and Instagram. Once we tie all this together, you can run integrated campaigns on both platforms based on sales data or website behavior.

Hands Free Set Up

The team at WineGlass Marketing pulls and hooks up everything for you. If any of your inputs change, or if you just have questions, we’re just a call, email or chat button away.


FeatureVintoolsZapierWGits M LiteWGits M Pro

Full/Custom Customer Syncing from Commerce7 to Mailchimp


Full/Custom Customer Syncing from Mailchimp to Commerce7


Enhanced Ecommerce Integration


Full Ecommerce Integration with Commerce7


Transactional Emails in Mailchimp/Mandrill


Mailchimp/Mandrill email in Commerce7


Setup Cost


Monthly Cost

$50$29 plus Zapier fees****$99$499

* Basic customer data +Lifetime value, Total orders placed, Last order date, Groups or Clubs with memberships.
** Basic customer data.
*** Push Mailchimp subscription data back into Commerce7.
****Zapier charges a per use charge which can become expensive.

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