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WineGlass Marketing Website Maintenance Package

USD$29.99 / month


This Website Maintenance Package will help you to maintain your SEO and ADA as well as ensure your WordPress website has been backed up. It is not designed to do an ADA Compliance sweep and fix of your site, nor will it be used for setting up your SEO. This package is designed to only be compatible with WordPress websites where your store is an integrated part of your WordPress site. This will not be applicable to websites that exist off of WordPress as a separate store page such as “store.mywebsitename.com” or “shop.mywebsitename.com” unless that website is hosted on WordPress.

This Maintenance Package covers 6 important areas of maintaining your WordPress website so that valuable data isn’t lost and reports to you potential issues that could easily be missed otherwise. You get emailed a monthly report detailing what needs attention by you or your team to ensure the most visibility online and a smooth running website.

  1. ADA Compliance:
    Includes notification of the following types of issues (note this notifies only, it does not fix problems):
    • duplicate page titles
    • missing headings
    • incorrect heading order
    • empty heading tags
    • absolute font size
    • color contrast failures
    • image missing alt text
    • incorrect markup
    • ambiguous anchor tags
    • empty anchor tags
    • redundant anchor text
    • iframe missing titles
    • new window tags
    • missing form labels

    • unmarked required fields

  2. Backup:
    • Automatic backup scheduled and saved on client choice of email, dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, or Microsoft OneDrive
  3. SEO:
    • Will run an SEO Checkup on entire site to see how optimized site is for search engines and where improvements are needed
    • SmartCrawl SEO customizes how titles and descriptions display on search pages to optimize content
    • Every time client adds new content to your site, SmartCrawl will let Google know it’s time to recrawl the site
  4. Broken Links: (note this notifies, it does not fix problems)
    • Monitors links in posts, pages, comments, and blogroll
    • Detects links that don’t work, missing images and redirects
  5. Google Analytics: 
    • Audience Data with stats like which country the visitors are coming from, which device are they using, their age, gender, etc.
    • Behavior Data shows how people found the website, which keywords they used, who referred them, what they clicked on, etc.
    • Content Data shows which content gets the most visits
    • Search Console Report shows how well the website is ranking in Google
  6. Privacy Compliance: (This does not automatically make you compliant, but gives you tools to ensure that you are setup to have the capability to be GDPR and CCPA Compliant.)
    • Helps you to setup your GDPR and CCPA cookie message for the webpage visitor to either accept or reject the privacy policy and terms you’ve written
    • Provides a checklist for you to go through to cover your bases on GDPR and CCPA Compliance on your site
    • Gives you the capability to customize the policy flag message to closely match your current website style and design